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Get people talking.

With Confbuzz, 7 out of 10 delegates make contact before your event begins.

Get people there.

With Confbuzz, delegates are 3x as likely to show up to your event.

We believe in achieving results through simplicity.

For Organisers

  • Increase attendance,
  • Create a buzz about your event,
  • Boost pre-conference interest,
  • Track pre-conference interest.

For Delegates

  • Quickly and thoroughly research others before the event,
  • Identify the most useful delegates,
  • Create the right impression.

We do the hard work so you don't have to

We specialize in pulling useful information from complex data and making it as easy and simple as possible to interact with.

Confbuzz uses ground-breaking machine-learning techniques to discover useful connections between delegates and displays these on interactive maps which give you all the information you need, quickly and on one page.

Why use Confbuzz?

Sarah, conference organiser: “I once put on an event in London with catering for 60 people and only 5 turned up. Confbuzz let's me watch in real-time as attendees sign up to interact with one another. It's great to watch as the number of introductions made increases and see people getting excited about the event.

  • Confbuzz increases interest and engagement with an event before it happens.
  • Confbuzz provides stats in your private admin interface which allow you to track introductions sent and other key metrics which will let you know who's likely to attend.

Charles, geography professor: "I speak at a lot of conferences and knowing a bit about the audience really helps me to tailor my talk."

  • Confbuzz helps you by letting you click around a map of delegates and get a quick-glance over-view of who's coming.

David, salesman: "I attend events throughout the year and I hate missing the opportunity to give the right pitch to the right people because I haven't realised who I was talking to."

  • Confbuzz helps you by letting you click around a map of delegates and get a quick-glance over-view of who's coming.
  • When you find the right people, put a good pitch together, send them a message and sit down for ten minutes.
Answers to some questions that we're often asked.

Why wouldn't I just let my delegates connect on a LinkedIn or Facebook group?

Facebook and LinkedIn are great, but this is not what they were created for. We've been exhibiting and speaking at conferences and events for years and we feel static lists are not enough to help people get properly involved, informed and excited about an event in advance.

Confbuzz (artificial intelligence technology developed at the top rated computer science research department in the UK) actually analyses delegate skills and interests to match and map delegates and visualises these on an interactive mind map.

Confbuzz does all the hard work, so all your delegates need to do is spend 30 minutes before the event clicking around the map to quickly find the most relevant people to research, target and meet at the event. It couldn't be simpler or more effective.

How easy is Confbuzz to use?

We've designed Confbuzz to be as easy to use as possible, from getting started to advanced features such as exporting figures.

Who pays for Confbuzz?

Event organisers pay for an event license and Confbuzz is then free to use for event delegates.

I'm an event organiser, how do I get started?

Please choose a license to suit your event then contact us for a license invoice.

What happens once I've bought a license?

We'll send you a link to your event page.

Once there, you will

  1. edit the event details,
  2. add an event logo
  3. publish with one click once you're ready, and
  4. invite your delegates to do some pre-conference research.

Please check back soon for our video tour.

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